In this episode, thirty three scholars, philosophers, and archaeologists answer the question: If you could time travel to the ancient world, who would you want to meet?

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List of scholars featured + the timestamps when they appear:

2:10  Edith Hall
3:36  Eric Cline
4:30  Andromache Karanika
5:45  Josiah Ober
6:48  Rush Rehm
7:30  Ian Morris
8:02  Rebecca Newberger Goldstein
9:20  Patrick Hunt
9:46  Raffaella Cribiore
11:04  Mark Adams
12:20  Peter Adamson
13:47  Richard Martin
15:08  M. M. McCabe
16:37  Zina Giannopoulou
18:45  Greg Nagy
19:43  Caroline Winterer
20:04  Melissa Lane
22:28  Alicia Stallings
22:57  Rhiannon Evans
24:04  Barbara Graziosi
24:54  Walter Scheidel
25:12  Matt Simonton
26:30  Emily Greenwood
27:57  Olga Levaniouk
30:00  Steele Brand
32:55  Rachel Barney
33:36  Angie Hobbs
35:31  Adrian Goldsworthy
36:30  Mary Bachvarova
37:42  Jonathan Lear
39:40  Mary Townsend
40:31  Gabriel Richardson Lear
42:14  Ben Morison

Transcript of the Episode's Prologue:

If you could travel back in time and meet one ancient historical figure, who would you want to meet? That is a completely non-serious and unscholarly question. But it’s a really fun one and it’s one I’ve often thought about.

Speaking of time travel, I can’t believe that it’s been over five years since I started this podcast back when I was in grad school still trying to finish my PhD while also completing teaching requirements and, at the same time, seeing the almost non-existent job prospects in my discipline and realizing I needed to forge a new path for myself (hence the podcast).

But yea, five years! Man, time travels fast. And the show has evolved so much over that period – at least that’s how I feel about it. But one thing I envisioned from the beginning for this podcast – one thing I planned out – was that there were a few questions that I wanted to ask all of my guests, which wouldn’t be part of their individual interviews. But I would then do compilations later of all the answers together, to see the wide variety of interests, opinions, and approaches that scholars have about the ancient world. One of those questions I asked all my guests was: If you could ride a time-machine back to antiquity, who would you meet and why?

And so, for this episode, I give you 33 scholars answering that question. I think the answers are overall really interesting. Some of them are hilarious. And for those of you who have been following the show from the beginning, this could be a nice walk down memory lane, where you’ll get to remind yourself of a lot of the guests we’ve had on the program, and you might get an additional glimpse into their personalities and interests. So, without further ado, here are 33 scholars sharing their time travel fantasies.